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How Connected-Stories can help

Connected-Stories Creative Management Platform allows Advertisers, Creatives, Media, and Data professionals to bring engaging, informative and relevant video advertising strategies to life.

  • Create interactive video ads for every stage of the consumer journey.
  • Distribute your video ads across any channel (Desktop, Mobile, CTV, AR, DOOH).
  • Measure the impact of your creatives and how users behave.
how connected-stories can help

Connected-Stories for Advertisers

Connected-Stories offers end-to-end tools to let you manage all of your video ads from the strategic to the analysis process:

  • Leverage Connected-Stories Journey Designer to create dynamic content strategies.
  • Make sense of how the users behave throughout the entire consumer journey with Connected-Stories Analytics.
  • Scale your dynamic video ads creation through Connected-Stories Studio.
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Connected-Stories for Publishers

Combine the effectiveness of your inventory and audience with the power of dynamic video creatives to produce outstanding content and performance for your advertisers:

  • Access an unlimited amount of creative formats without the need of any integration.
  • Build demos and prototypes for your advertisers in no-time making the sales process as smooth as ever.
  • Simply connect all of your data to provide more relevant and effective creative ads for both your advertisers and users.
connected-stories for publishers

The Platform

Based on a patented model to make dynamic video ads in real-time and at scale, Connected-Stories is the most flexible and innovative Video Creative Management Platform:

  • Discover Connected-Stories machine learning multi-layer content creation mechanism.
  • Forget black-box adtech solutions. Here rules and data are understandable by anyone.
  • Build sequences of content without the effort of doing so.
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