For every moment of the Consumer Journey

Deliver the right content at the right moment across any channel

Create personalized messages for every single moment of the consumer journey

Automate the ad building process to produce and repurpose content at scale

Business Intelligence

Every campaign produced and managed through the platform is measured granularly by a sophisticated system of data collection and visualization in order to guarantee total control and a powerful combination of Art + Science.

Coded by us so you don’t have to

The platform offers 25+ different interactive widget templates and all you need to do is drag and drop them to place them within your ads. Interactive widgets vary from simple CTA buttons to lead generation forms and they are all ready to go.


Connected-Stories implements a subscription-free and usage-only pricing structure for agency, advertisers and publisher partners. Validated partners are given access to a dedicated account without upfront costs and can levarege all of the tools listed below. Only when campaigns go live a CPM-based fee is applied based on volumes.
  • C-S Studio Editor
  • Consumer Journey Designer
  • C-S DCO Designer
  • Live Customer Support
  • 25+ Widgets Templates
  • Any IAB Display and Video Formats
  • Video Branching Features
  • Ad Tags Generator
  • Premium Analytics Dashboard
  • CSS and Javascript Editor
  • Optimized Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • DSPs and DMPs custom integrations
  • Connected-Stories Ads Simulator
  • Dedicated Slack Channel
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